KSE Results Oct 25, 2009

Maple Leaf Cement:
Earning Per Share (EPS): (0.47)
Profit / Loss (in million): (175)
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

BOC Pakistan:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 9.53
Profit / Loss (in million): 72
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

Dawood Capital Management:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 0.62
Profit / Loss (in million): 9.337
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

JS Value Fund:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 1.65
Profit / Loss (in million): 195.44
Bonus / Dividend: 10%

Muslim Commercial Bank:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 17.08
Profit / Loss (in million): 4048.44
Bonus / Dividend: 25%

Pakistan State Oil:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 11.11
Profit / Loss (in million): 1905.8
Bonus / Dividend: 30%

Pakistan Oil Fields:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 6.03
Profit / Loss (in million): 1425.8
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

Arif Habib Limited:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 3.26
Profit / Loss (in million): 122.34
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

Arif Habib Investment Management Fund:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 2.31
Profit / Loss (in million): 69.25
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

Attock Refinery Limited:
Earning Per Share (EPS): (4.56)
Profit / Loss (in million): (396)
Bonus / Dividend: Nil

Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 1.93
Profit / Loss (in million): 1307
Bonus / Dividend: 12.50%

Pakistan Tabacco:
Earning Per Share (EPS): 9.88
Profit / Loss (in million): 491.6
Bonus / Dividend: 27.50%

Karachi Stock Exchange Oct 11, Weekly Review

KSE-100 index have performed well during last week and closed at 9,768.63 points after the increment of 313 points or 3.31 per cent. KSE-30 index also surged to 10,381.25 by increasing 210.57 points at 2.07 per cent. KSE-100 index was witnessed highest point (since last year) in last week and touched 9,836.50 points on Wednesday. Analysts are expecting KSE-100 index may cross psychological level of 10,000 points, if the bullish trend continues in days to come.

According to pundits, the Karachi Stock Exchange has risen up to 60 per cent since early this year. Local investors are showing their interest in banks, oil and cement sectors. Because of expectations of positive result announcements next week for September quarter.

Following factors are playing a catalyst role in positive activity at KSE:

  • Massive foreign investment in Banking, Oil & Gas, Cement and Fertilizer Sectors. According to NCCPL offshore investors have injected more $5.6 million in last week
  • Oil & Gas discovery by OGDCL in Sanghar
  • Positive activity witnessed as oil price crossed $71 per barrel on weak dollar
  • Rise in local Cement price
  • Rise in foreign exchange reserves to $14.75 billion
  • Surge in global equity market
  • Expectations of early approval of leverage products
  • Strong results of Banks, Oil & Gas and Cement sector, are expected for September quarter

But remember there are some factors which have also affected market activities, and is shattering the confidence of local investors:

  • Terrorists attacks on different places throughout the week. e.g. a suicidal attack at UN World Food Program (UN-WFP) office Islamabad, powerful suicidal bomb blast in Peshawar and a recent attack at GHQ Rawalpindi
  • Reservations of Pak Army and Political turmoil on accepting Kerry-Lugar Bill
  • Political noise on expiry of NRO

JS Company, Bank Al-Falah, AH Securities, PTCL, NIB Bank, was on top last week.

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities.

Written by: Rana Khurram

Karachi Stock Exchange Oct 3, Weekly Review

KSE – 100 index takes some technical corrections of 2.16 percent or 209.10 points on weekly basis and settled at 9,455.15 points. And 30 – Index also posted a decline of 2.53 percent or 264.61 points and closed at 10,170.68 points. Now it seems that rule of Bulls (since last 8 consecutive weeks) has been ended, and the last week was mostly outnumbered by bears. These corrections were expected since month of Ramadan, and now these corrections have pulled down the market by over two percents.

The following factors have adversely affected the Karachi Stock Exchange's market activities:

  • Introduction of Client Level Margining System (w.e.f 1st October, 2009) at the bourse, has resulted a decrease in daily turnover
  • The unproductive meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) at New York
  • State Bank of Pakistan move to keep the discount rates unchanged at 13 per cent, in the monetary policy review
  • Reduction of POL products’ prices following correction in international oil prices
  • The massive uninterrupted gain (of 25.17 percent or 1,943.32 points steep increase in last consecutive eight weeks) needed corrections
  • No buying friendly news witnessed resulted of panic selling
  • High inflation, high leverage cost and continuation of the unchanged rates of National Savings Schemes (NSS) up to 31st December, 2009
  • Non-availability of leverage products and fall in local oil prices
  • Rumours on RBS and MCB deal approval by SBP
  • Institutional profit taking
  • The prime minister this week approved increase in power tariffs by 6 percent as part of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and Asian Development Bank
  • The government plans to raise tariffs further in January and then again in March 2010
  • Petroleum prices were reduced in the range of 3.6-6 percent for October to adjust with the decline in the international oil prices

JSCL, AHSL, PTCL, TRG Pakistan, Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, was on top last week.

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities.

Written by: Rana Khurram