Karachi Stock Exchange Results July 29, 2009

Karachi Stock Exhange Companies results (July 29, 2009):


July 28, 2009 KSE Results

Karachi Stock Exhange Companies results (July 28, 2009):


State Bank's delay in Monetary policy and Karachi Stock Exhange

I was constantly watching KSE throughout the last week. I have found that at the start of last week till Thursday (23rd July, 2009) KSE index was going up by leaps and bounds. The reasons were same as I have already described in detail in my last postings. State Bank was supposed to announce Monetary policy on 25th July, 2009. According to experts in this policy there were expectations of a significant cut in discount rate. And there were also some other positive reasons for the raise of index graph e.g. Board of directors at KSE has taken a decision to re-launch of deliverable future contracts in 10 stocks, and then they have increased the number of eligible stocks from 10 to 18. Nice reports and corporate results of major listed companies were arriving and also expected. National Investment Trust (NIT) has announced dividend at Rs. 3.05 per unit for its Letter of Credit (LoC) holders. FFBL and EPCL were also the main companies who have announced their results last week. And UBL, Engro and FFC are the major companies which will be announcing their financials in the coming week. And hopefully their positive reports, EPS etc. are expected to lead to short term rallies. 2nd Instalment from IMF is expected. Foreign investment in Banks, Oil and Gas companies and foreign currency exchange have increased.

Because of these reasons market was seemed to be bullish and its index graph was constantly going up. DG Cement, JS companies, Fauji Cement, OGDC, Bank Al-Falah, AZGARD NINE, PTCL, AdamJee Insurance etc. were doing good business. On Thursday (23rd July, 2009) market was closed at 7863.86 points, which is a record, psychological, 2nd highest level in this year (7902.48 highest recorded on 20th April, 2009).

But on Friday (24th July, 2009) State Bank has suddenly announced an extraordinary delay in announcement of Monetary Policy till 15 August, 2009 for the next quarter of the year in progress. This news has imposed a very negative impact in market. Investors were made curious, cautious and confused. Buyers were seemed to be not interested in any further buying. And investors were trying to sell their shares and were trying to be on safe side, because of next week’s downfall. They have sell out shares of Cement, Telecom, Oil & Gas Sector etc. in massive amount. This has caused KSE index to move on 7783.40 after 80.46 negative points.
So friends, this upcoming week we are expecting very volatile conditions and a rapid flux in market. Be careful in any investment until the situation comes clear and a positive news, announcement etc. arrives from SBP and government.

Written by: Rana Khurram

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

Karachi Stock Exchange July 27 week startup

From tomarrow July 27, 2009, CFS is going to start in 18 different companies including OGDC, PPL(Pakistan Petroleum), PSO(Pakistan State Oil), POL(Pakistan Oil Feilds), MCB(Muslim Commercial Bank), NBP(National Bank of Pakistan), BAFL(Bank Al-Flah), FFC(Fauji Fertilizer), Engro Chemicals, FFBL, HUBC, DGKC(DG Khan Cement), Lucky Cement, NML (Nishat Mills), PTC and AICL(Adamjee Insurance).

As I already mentioned in my earlier posts that there are many positive factors due to which KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) 100 index will keep growing like starting of CFS, expected good results from different companies in on going and coming months, foregin investement and local return of investors. So KSE is expected to cross 8000 berrier this month and may touch 8500 or 9000 next month. There are many good shares and I had already recomended these like DG Khan Cement, Netsole, FFBL, AHSL, JSCL and PAKRI. If we look CFS includes DG Khan cement too, so it's expected to be keep growing. HCAR (Honda Atlas Car) is also going good and its meeting is due this month.

Investors, wake up! this is the time to invest and get return from market. Some upcoming meetings different companies this month include KOHS (Jul 25), PLIC (Jul 25), ABOT (Jul 27), CSUML (Jul 27), SANSM (Jul 27), MFFL (Jul 27), THAL (Jul 27), ENGRO (Jul 28), ALNRS (Jul 28), JDWS (Jul 28), BAWS (Jul 28), MRNS (Jul 28), PSAF (Jul 28), UBL (Jul 28), PMRS (Jul 28), ATLH (Jul 28), NONS (Jul 28), CHAS (Jul 28), FSMLO (Jul 28), SIEM (Jul 28), SHSML (Jul 29), DAWH (Jul 29), AHIML (Jul 29), HCAR (Jul 29), HUSS (Jul 29), AHL (Jul 29), AABS (Jul 30), CICL (Jul 30), FFC (Jul 30), SGML (Jul 30), BAFS (Jul 30), FECS (Jul 30), HWQS (Jul 30), SEPL (Jul 30), HABSM (Jul 30).

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

July 24 meetings Results

Today's company meetings restuls:


Karachi Stock Exchange Updates

Since last month, we are continuously watching KSE market very closely and thoroughly. And we are suggesting people to invest in companies which you think are appropriate. We have seen Overseas Investors, small investors and day traders have shown their interests in almost each sector e.g. Banks, Securities companies, Oil & Gas exploration and production companies, Cement, Automobile, Fertilize and Textile etc. In this month (July 2009) we have realized that there is a very positive environment has been created, and it is very ideal time of investment. There are some good news for investors e.g. the possibility of a significant cut in the State Bank’s lending rate ahead of announcement of major corporate results, Capital Value TAX, and as you know KSE has banned the deliverable futures nearly four months ago. Now according to current circumstances, Board of directors at KSE has taken a decision to re-launch of deliverable future contracts in 10 stocks, mainly blue chips namely POL, OGDC, PPL, PSO, HUBCO, FFC, Engro, MCB, NBP and UBL. They have a combined weight of 49 per cent in the overall market capitalisation, hence we expect volumes to improve further, going forward. We have also seen a positive meeting amongst the leaders of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan for the settlement of all outstanding issue, and also a favourable meeting between leadership of PML-N and president Asif Zardari. All these factors have revived the confidence of investors.

Beside these good news we have also seen some bad news in our country e.g. Rain and electricity problems in Karachi, Load Shedding and Water problem throughout the country, Swat operation and terrorist activities, strikes etc. But hopefully these issues will be resolved soon in upcoming weeks.

In last week (ended on 18th July, 2009) KSE 100-index has rise up to 3.5 percent and achieved the highest psychological level of last quarter. With a plus of 261 points our market has reached 7764 points. KSE 30-index has also achieved its highest level after rise of 4 percent, with a plus of 316 points it is now at 8348 points.

As we have already discussed that upcoming weeks are very important and ideal for investments. FFBL is expected to announce its first half results on 22nd July, 2009. And according to experts, there are expectations of positive profit and decent dividend announcement by the FFBL should also bode well for the FFC (having 51 per cent stake in company). And according to analysts any further clarity on power tariff hike and resolution of circular debt issue should boost investor confidence in HUBCO and KAPCO.

Last Week’s Top Companies

E 1) FU General Insurance
2) DG Cement (continuously on top since last month)
3) Javedan Cement
4) Pak Suzuki
5) Thal Limited
6) Arif Habib Securities
7)NetSol Tecnhologies

Karachi Stock Exchange Compnay Results

Following companies annouced there results:

Company --- EPS ----------- Profit/loss ---------- Div/Bonus
HINO--------- 9.15 ------------- 43.536 ---------------- Nill
INIL ----------3.00 ------------- 378.089 -------------- 22.56%
PNGRS ------- 4.017 ------------ 4.017 --------------- NIL
FFBL----------0.53 ------------- 485.331 ------------- 5%
MZSM --------4.957 ------------- 13.85 --------------- NIL
RMPL --------77.21 ------------- 398.988 ------------- 250.00%

Karachi Stock Market Upcoming Week (from July 20, 2009)

Now Get UP, CVT (Capital Value Tax) has been removed from Stock Exchange. CVT was implemented in July 2004 at the rate of 0.01%. This will definitly impact markets and index will shoot from Monday. Next whole week(starting from July 20) seems to be excellent. Some shares like AHSL, JSCL, FFBL (Fuji Fertilizer Bin Qasim), HACR (Honda Atlas Cars), DG Khan Cement, EPCL (Engro Polymar), Banks are looking to be.

FFBL has its annual meeting on July 22. Last year FFBL annuced 6% bonus. This year seems to be more good than the last one. EPCL has its annual meeting on July 24.

Other upcoming meetings this month are:

MIRKS Fri, Jul 17 2009 11:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
FDIBL Sat, Jul 18 2009 11:00 -
PPVC Mon, Jul 20 2009 09:30 Annual Accounts 09.
SHJS Mon, Jul 20 2009 11:30 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
RMPL Tue, Jul 21 2009 10:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
MZSM Wed, Jul 22 2009 10:30 Accounts For Apr-June 2009.
FFBL Wed, Jul 22 2009 11:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 2009.
INIL Thu, Jul 23 2009 10:30 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
PNGRS Thu, Jul 23 2009 12:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
EPCL Fri, Jul 24 2009 10:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
SASML Fri, Jul 24 2009 16:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
SIEM Tue, Jul 28 2009 15:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
CPL Fri, Jul 31 2009 11:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
BOC Wed, Aug 12 2009 12:00 Accounts For Apr-Jun 09.
UPFL Mon, Aug 17 2009 14:30 Accounts For Apr-Jun 2009.
ULEVER Fri, Aug 28 2009 09:30 -

So guys, cheer up and have look at market this week. Best of Luck

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

Karachi Stock Exchange July 13rd Week Roundup


Last week I have thoroughly reviewed our Stock Market, and I want to share my conclusions with you. Thanks to God last week was also fine and our market after plus of 31.38 points has reached up to 7502.66 points, which is a record level (since last quarter). I have already explained in detail the reasons of such a raise in my last posting. Last week again, foreign investment in banks, oil companies, and in cement sector have created a positive impact in market. Further in this upcoming week very good reports of earning, profit and revenue of KSE listed companies are expected. Our foreign currency exchange and reserves are continuously increasing. These factors have increased the confidence of investors and business. Investors (especially small investors) are buying shares of Banks, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Cement, Insurance, Securities etc.
According to experts, this upcoming week will also be very important. And because of consistency of these above mentioned positive factors, Market will also seems to be bullish and index will also increase and touches to some psychological record levels. So friends I suggest you if you have any plan of investing/buying, believe me this is the right and ideal time, especially this week is very important.

Last Week’s Top Companies
  1. DG Cement (continuously on top since last two weeks)
  2. JS (Jahangir Siddiqui) Companies (is also on top since last two weeks)
Here I want to discuss AZGARD NINE, this is actually a very nice company, has an excellent background and previous history. I am closely watching this company since last year, it has never disappoint his share holders, have given nice bonuses to his shareholders in past quarters. In this recession period, as the International economy has collapsed, this company was also got effected. But now this company has revived and starts growing again. Upper management of this company have taken some revolutionary steps to improve. For example as you may know that AZGARD NINE has invested in Pak American Fertilizer massively, now they have notified KSE and declare publicly that they are going to sell 24.99 percent shares of Pak American Fertilizer. According to experts, by selling these shares, AZGARD NINE will try to overcome their loans and to achieve a descent position in market.

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

Karachi Stock Market Future Predictions

Karachi Stock Exchange is showing good response since the begining of this week. Some shares became most wanted and are not letting investors to buy. You can look at PAKRI, Bestway Cement, Netsole, JSCL etc. these are going really good and also hope to be good in future too especially PAKRI and JSCL. PAKRI is expected to be near 70 and JSCL near 50. AHSL, Netsol, Bestway Cement, DG Khan Cement.

Keeping in view current market situations, one of my best friend has written his analysis about future market capitalziation. Its really intresting and is benificial. Please find the text below:


I am closely watching Karachi Stock Exchange and thoroughly reviewing ups and downs of indexes since last month. It is a matter of pleasure, joy and happiness to know that our market has revived and started to cross the psychological limits. For instance in last week market seemed to be bullish and has crossed targets, speculations and psychological limits. By increasing 308.24 points market index has reached up to 7471.28 points. And investment has increased up to 84 Billion rupees. It is truly a great news and achievement especially in this time of recession and economical crisis. Few days back we have heard some regretful news about losing confidence of investors, local investors were transferring their investments to foreign countries e.g. Dubai, UK etc. some big companies have did a massive layoff, some companies were getting close and were trying to windup their Pakistan operations, our market was continuously loosing points, etc.

Some reasons for this instability, volatility and insecurity of market were:

· International Economic Crisis

· Banks were getting bankrupt and were failed to collect revenue, instalments on loans and investments

· Political turmoil in Pakistan

· Suspension of Chief Justice

· Swat Operation (recently), Lal Masjid Operation, Religious controversies, Terrorists activities, etc.

· Load shedding and Water supply problems

· Inflation, increase in Petrol, Diesel, Electricity, and prices of other common goods and implementation of some unfair taxes

· Traders and other social society members are doing strikes, and they have planned to continue in future

These are just a few common problems which I think were the major causes of a rapid flux in market, which may have caused to shoot your blood pressure, increased your heart beats or may have broken your hearts and ultimately some of you have totally lost your confidence in market.

But now I think there is no more need to get depressed, because our market has again getting revived. According to my point of view, the most common reasons for the market revival are:

· Chief justice issue has been resolved

· Swat operation is near to finish and after that peace is expected in our country

· Foreign Investors have showed their interest in our Banking, Oil & Gas companies and in Cement sector also

· CBR has collected more than 1150 billion rupees in form of taxes

· Pakistan Government has received a huge amount of money for the help of Swat refugees from US and others

· Next instalment of loan is expected in near future from IMF, Asian Development Bank etc. when this money will float, it will definitely causes some positive impact in our economy

· National Saving Schemes have decreased their interest rates, profit margins have also decreased in Real states etc. so investors are planning to transfer the investments in stock exchange

· Some good reports of earning, profit and revenue of KSE listed companies are expected In upcoming weeks

· And because of these factors, Investors especially small investors have gain confidence and showed their interests in different sectors e.g. Banking, Oil & Gas, Cement, Investment & Securities etc.

By considering these factors, and according to experts, there is a lot of potential exists in our market. And it is right time of buying. Some recommended sectors and the leading companies are as follows:

Investment Finance & Securities

· Jahangir Sidiqui Companies

· Arif Habib Securities

· Pak Ri

Banking Sector

· National Bank of Pakistan

· Muslim Commercial Bank

Oil & Gas Sector


· Pakistan Oil Fields Pak Petroleum

Cement Sector

· DG Cement

· Lucky Cement

· Bestway Cement

Telecom & IT Sector


· Netsol

Last Week’s Top Companies

· DG Cement


· JS (Jahangir Sidiqui) Companies

So have ha close watch on these shares.


Karachi Stock Market July 3, 2009

Today KSE 100-index declined 27.06 and closed at 7453. At point 100 index was seen at 7573 but selling in energy and cement sectors turned it into negative. Most traded share was DG Khan Cement whose share price decreased by -0.97 and closed at rupees 29.58. Among other most traded shares are AHSL (-0.26, 29.06), JSCL(0.73, 25.54), Azgard Nine (1.16, 25.47), Lucky Cement (2.49, 64.03), PSO (2.03. 227.01), OGDC (0.10, 83.91), Engro Polymer (0.10, 19.72) and PACE Pak (0.36, 6.15).

Since results of the companies are start outcoming, market is expected to perform better. News about JSCL, PAKRI, Bestway Cement, AHSL, Netsol, Millat Tracktor are good and people are willing to invest in these organizations. Millat Tracktor has made a record sale this year by selling over 13000 tracktors accross the country. PTCL has already anncounced its result and giving 15% (bounce/dividend) to its shareholders. PAKRI and JSCL may go up by players before the announcement of their results. So keep taking interest in market and have some good shares. Cheeers....

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities