KSE, Karachi Stock Exchange May 28, 2009

Karachi Stock Exchange KSE - 100 index today shows a dramatic increase of 99.29 points to be closed at 7288 points. As I am continuosly insisting in my posts that this week will be up and it is. I suggested investors to take part in Arif Habib Securities (ASHL), Jah.Sidd. Co. (JSCL), Adamjee Insurance etc. and today again these shares were caped. The main cause of market index increase was buying in banking and energy sectors. Almost all the banks like Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) were consistent whole day.

There are many companies in KSE - 100 index that are considered blue chips and some are very good but risky shares to invest. Good companies like Attock Refinery, Gillete Pakistan, Unilever Pakistan, Atlas Honda are showing good come back this week. I would like to suggest investors to be patient and also be carefull as market may get down once it reaches at 7500. Best of luck

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 27, 2009

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) 100 Index show increase of 11 points to be closed at 7188 points. At one point market more than 100 points plus but some bad factors including bomb blast in Lahore impacted the KSE 100 Index.

The most traded share was Jah.Sidd. Co. (JSCL) with total trad markup of 25,042,400 shares and closed with the increase of 1.08 rupees at 26.76 followed by Arif Habib Security (AHSL) with traded shares of 11,440,000 and was caped to be closed at 31.24 rupees. A large scale sale in banking and energy sectors is infulencing stock market to be down. But I will still recommend investors to take part in most traded shares like JSCL and AHSL. These might be very profit full in future but don't invest more than 30% of your investment since Pakistan budget is to about to be presented on June 13th 2009. Best of Luck

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 26, 2009

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) today show increase of 3 points to be closed at 7176. Market show ups and down during whole trading day. The highest traded share was Jah.Sidd. Co. (JSCL) with share trad vloume of 17,340,000 shares and decreases by .19 rupees. Arif Habib Securities (AHSL) was the second one with trade volume of 10,835,600 and increases by .93 rupees to be closed at 29.76 rupees. Selling in banking and energy sector causes the index to be down but according to some experts market may go up 7300 this week. Sharif brothers decision will also show postive impact in the stock market to boost up KSE - 100 index.

I would like to suggest investors to take part in traded shares and according to my personal thinking AHSL is the best one to take part in. Some other shares like JSCL, NJI etc are also good. Atlas Honda may also be good since it announced 30% , 15% bonus. Best of luck.

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 25, 2009

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE 100 index) show increase of 27 points to be closed at 7173. This week started positively and market was above 100 points a moment but then came down to selling in banking and energy sector. This is a very start after a very long down time last week except Friday's up.

The most traded shares were Arif Habib Securities (AHSL), Jah.Sidd. Co. (JSCL), Azgard Nine, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Pak Reinsurance (PAKRI) etc. AHSL was closed caped and this is showing very good response. I would like to suggest investors to take part in this share but don't exceed the limits due to ground realities of Pakistan. So best of luck.

Karachi Stock Exchange, KSE 100 index May 22, 2009

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index show great recovery on Friday (weekend). Market closed at 7146 with increase of 176 points. Almost all the major sectors Banking, Securities, Funds, Insurances etc show great trading.

Most of the trading was around JSCL and Arif Habib Securities (AHSL). AHSL was cap and I hope that it will be good in next week. Market is looking to be recover and may go coming week even though there is news of tax on Stock Shares which I think may badly effect he performance of stock market. I think government should avoid doing so as this might cause huge disaster for comming months if they do so. Anyhow, I would suggest investors to have interest in small shares and avoid taking part in speculated shares.

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 19, 2009

Today on May 19 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) show decrease of 105 points to be closed at 7068. The huge decrease in market was caused by selling in Energy and Banking sector. Most traded share was Jahangir Siddique Company (JSCL) whose share price decrease by RS 1.35. Arif Habib Security(AHSL) was also much traded but its price remain almost consistent with the decrease of RS .27.

According to some experts, market may get down even under 7000 points and may get to 6000 barreir this week. I will suggest investors to be very carefull this week and also try to avoid big trades. Besk of Luck.

Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 18, 2009

Today on 18 May 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) show decrease of 5 points and closed at 7172. Since budget is about to be announced in next month, some of the factors will stay up with market and there will be vibration in KSE-100 index. However, some traded shares may get stay in this situation and continue to survive like AHSL, JSCL, AKD Capital (which might be very high or low), Adamjee Insurance, EFU Life Insurance etc. In small shares, Dynea Pakistan (DYNO) may be used as day trading.

Also some news about changes in KSE barrier from 5% to 10% might also affect the market. Players may try to get the shares down as much as possible and then get them back from the base price. So small investors should be very careful after the implementation of KSE -100 index new barrier.

Karachi Stock Exchange, Week end 15 May 2008

The week ending 15 May 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange show increase of 48 points and close at 7178 points. Some companies like Arif Habib Security (AHSL), Jahangir Saddique Company (JSCL) were traded at very huge volume and AHSL show overall increase at closing this week. However JSCL was down. Some the politcal and war in Sawat elements effect the stock market.
The upcomming week starting from 18 May may also contains up and down but overall effect may be positve. Good sectors will be Securities like AHSL, JSCL etc, banks, inusrance and energy sector. AKD Capital may get under 70 rupees. So be carefull. I will suggest investors to be very carefull this week and invest slowly by looking at market trends.

Karachi Stock Exchange 14 May 2009

Today Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) show down direction and fall about 100 points to be closed at 7142. Market show positive response after its opening which then tends to get down slowly and at the market was 100 points negative. AKD Capital was down, that is one of the major player of KSE, that impacts the whole market and other strong shares like Arif Habib Securites (AHSL), JSCL, Adamjee Insurance, EFU Life Insurance, Gillite Pakistan etc also get effected.

Tommarow is last trading day of this week. I hope that on Friday market will show positive response and will move up atleast 100 points but this is just an opinion. Safe shares will be AHSL and some insurance companies. So be carefull. Best of Luck.

Karachi Stock Exchange May 13, 2009

To day Karachi Stock Exchange get down about 54 points to be closed at 7242. As per my last day's posts, I insist investers to invest in Arif Habib Securities, JSCL and AKD Capital, all of these share were being traded even overall market index was down. AKD Capital is cap and show increas of Rupees 4.15, AHSL .40. JSCL was up in the first session of trading but it get effected in the second half. Anyways it was good.

Again I will suggest invester to be very carefull in trading but again I will say AKD Capital, AHSL, NJI (New Jubliee Life Inusrance) will be good in future. So participate in these sahres.
Have a nice day.

Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index, May 12 2009

Today on May 12 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange perform well and KSE-100 index ups 174 points closing at 7296.

As per my last day's post I suggested investers to buy Jah.Sidd. Co.(JSCL), Arif Habib Securities (AHSL), Adamgi Insurnace and other like these. And today that hapens, these shares were locked and gained much of the market share. Market will going up for next few days with couple of downs next week. Investers should be very carefull in selecting the right shares. I will suggest investors to pay there warm attention to the AHSL, JSCL, AKD Capital and cement sector since cement prices are raised upto 50 rupees last week.

Some small share like DYNO, Engro Polymer may also be good but be very carefull in investing here. Don't ever try to think to buy Pak Reinsurance as there might be a very big fall even under rupees 25. Anyways be free to invest in some companies I mentioned earlier. Best of LUCK.

Investers get ready

Karachi Stock Exchange is showing potenial and is liking to go up by the end of May but there will be some ups and downs on regularly basis. I would like to advise investers to be carefull but play in safe way. Don't invest more than 50% of your over investment plan and invest in blue chips if your investment is huge like Gillete Pakistan, Unilever etc. Otherwise be carefull but Arif Habib Security, JSCL and some other like Adamji Insurance will be good in future. So have close view of this. Best of Luck.

KSE 11 May Closing

KSE-100 Index declined 6 points to close at 7122. 129 stocks closed up 179 closed down while 20 stocks remained unchanged. Luck cement Pakistan Ltd closed at Rs 54.91 up 0.31 paisa.

Karachi Stock Exchange Blog Information May 11 2009

Karachi Stock Exchange is under high pressure during last 10 days. But there is still a very huge potential in the market. I think as soon as AKD Capital is going up market will stay and some other shares like JSCL (Jahanger Siddiqui & Co) and Arif Habib Securities (AHSL) will continue to up. So have an eagle eye on this shares. Best of luck.